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Moles: There are several species of moles in the Pacific Northwest but all have very similar habits. Although commonly mistaken for a rodent, moles actually belong to the insectivora class


Birds: In Oregon we have both protected and unprotected bird species. Once a bird enters your attic space, chimney, solar panels or soffits, they leave quite the mess. Examples of


Wildlife: Portland and surrounding areas are abundant with both daytime and night time wildlife. As urban farming and secondary food sources increase, so does the population. Examples of species we


Bats: The most common bat people might encounter is the Little Brown Myotis. A bat known to nest in attics and small gaps in buildings during summer months. Furthermore, weighing

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder Bugs: Native to the western United States, boxelder bugs have become increasingly prevalent over the years. They get their name from commonly infesting boxelder trees. Characteristics of a boxelder


Rodents: Oregon, and the Greater Portland Metropolitan area specifically, has a large rodent issue on our hands. Portland ranked in the top 30 worst cities in the nation for rodent


Spiders: They are creepy, crawly, and it can be unsettling to see spiders running across the floors, walls, and ceilings. Or walking out your front door to walk straight into


Cockroaches: This is one particular pest that most have zero tolerance for and we completely get why. They move fast, can be a major sanitation issue, and can spread rapidly.

Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and Hornets: They buzz around, can cause some people to do a crazy dance or suddenly have ninja moves when flying around them, and when threatened they can sting


Ants: In the Pacific Northwest, many ant species thrive due to our higher humidity. Some common examples are the: -Odorous House Ant -Pavement Ant -Moisture Ant -Velvety Tree Ant -Carpenter

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