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Moles: There are several species of moles in the Pacific Northwest but all have very similar habits. Although commonly mistaken for a rodent, moles actually belong to the insectivora class of mammals. They survive mainly off of insects like earthworms, and other varying ground dwelling insects. However, moles have also been known to feed on tubers, bulbs, and vegetation as needed when insect sources are scarce. Signs of moles are widely recognized for those pesky mounds of soil in yards that seem to pop up overnight. Even in large areas where many mounds are noted, it may all be the work of a sole mole. Moles are attracted to areas of high moisture which is ideal digging conditions, as well as with high moisture conditions usually comes insects which are the primary food source.

Things that can be done to reduce mole activity and discourage it from the start is reducing soil moisture conditions which aids in insect control which was discussed to be a primary food  source for them. This includes things like eliminating the usage of sprinkler systems and planting gardens in raised above ground garden beds to eliminating the need for watering ground level soil. Homeowners can attempt to trap moles themselves once they have invaded with store bought traps, but this requires a lot of trial and error and upkeep. Establishing the most active runs and placing traps in these areas is crucial as in some cases moles wont return to certain runs for months. Smoke bombs lack the ability to fully control the fast mole burrowing network, and gases have proven to be less than effective and dangerous when not done properly and is not advised due to the low success rate.

Trying to get rid of your mole infestation?

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