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Birds: In Oregon we have both protected and unprotected bird species. Once a bird enters your attic space, chimney, solar panels or soffits, they leave quite the mess. Examples of protected birds are Woodpecker, Flicker, Swallow, Robin and Blue Jay (to name a few) and these are species we can’t capture or simply evict from a structure. However, there are solutions utilizing environmental modification that can alleviate this. Examples of invasive birds to Oregon are the starling, house sparrow, and pigeon. These are all species that can be evicted or captured. 


A common sign of birds nesting in an attic space or wall void is bird droppings seen on the siding of a home, which will be concentrated below the entry point. Starlings are particularly known to be a very messy bird leaving a large amount of droppings on siding the longer the nest has been established. You can also hear scratching or thumping sounds near a noted entry point on the outside of the home. To keep your home bird free, ensure that all soffit vents are in good working order with screening. In regards to solar panels, adding exclusion metal skirting around the entire perimeter of panels will help to prevent pigeons and other birds from nesting under them. Lastly, birdhouses mounted away from the structure will help to give incoming birds a more accessible option for nesting as opposed to the home itself. 

Do you have a bird issue? It can be hard to identify which bird has made your house their home. Don’t worry, with our highly trained technicians, identification and providing a proper solution is what we do. Call us today!

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