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Orb-Weaver Spider


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Spiders: They are creepy, crawly, and it can be unsettling to see spiders running across the floors, walls, and ceilings. Or walking out your front door to walk straight into a web that was casted across the entry way. Some common types in Oregon are:

-Yellow Sac Spider

-Orb-Weaver Spider

-European Garden Spider

-Giant House Spider

-Black Widow Spider

-Hobo Spider

-Jumping Spider

-And many more!


Oregon alone has over 500 species of spiders, but some are more prolific than others. Some of these species are quite beneficial and pose no risk to humans or pets such as the Orb-Weaver and European Garden Spider. On the other hand, some are more aggressive and dangerous such as the Hobo Spider and Black Widow. 


Some tips to reduce the likelihood of spiders in your home include keeping vegetation cut back away from the structure, keeping insect attracting exterior lights off when not in use, sealing small gaps around windows, doors, and baseboards, and keeping screens on windows in good working order. Insects also act as a food source which can attract more spiders to your home, so keeping the home free of other pests can also aid in alleviating spider pressure. 


Trying to get rid of your spider problems? If the sight of spiders in your home makes you uneasy, and you’re looking for a fast, effective approach to controlling your spiders, give Pest Plus a call! Our expert technicians will identify what may be causing the increased activity, and develop a treatment strategy to get rid of your spider problems today! 

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