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Cockroaches: This is one particular pest that most have zero tolerance for and we completely get why. They move fast, can be a major sanitation issue, and can spread rapidly. In Oregon, we have three main types of cockroaches:

-American Cockroaches

-Oriental Cockroaches

-German Cockroaches


German cockroaches are the most common type be seen in Oregon. Infestations can happen if items or food sources infested with cockroaches are brought into the home. In some cases they are even transplanted into the home via a person’s clothing that was picked up in a public place. In multi-family settings, commercial businesses, and restaurants, the activity may be more common. Cockroaches breed rapidly and thrive off of warmth, humidity, and are very skilled at survival. Furthermore, can contaminate food sources, and one of the number one places they are found is in kitchens. Signs of cockroaches can be brown stains on walls behind fridges and cracks/crevices, live sightings, and even the spent casings of a breeding cycle called the ‘ootheca’.


To help stop cockroaches before they start, inspect food being brought into the for any signs of damage or breaches in packaging. Keep areas such as the kitchen, water heater area, laundry rooms, and food stored areas clean and clear. This includes pulling out items like the fridge and oven and cleaning floors of any potential dropped food and grime. Cleanliness is the number one defense against the cockroach. Although not foolproof, these are great first steps to increase your chances of staying cockroach free. 


Looking to eliminate a current cockroach infestation? If trying to solve the problem on your own, sanitation, sanitation, sanitation. Clean any potential grime or food sources they thrive off this. Buying over the counter glue board traps and placing them behind furniture and appliances, in cabinets, and in areas you suspect cockroaches are residing will also help. Likewise these also help to monitor an area for a number of pests so you’re able to determine if any are present. While these are helpful at control, sometimes this approach proves to be unsuccessful. At Pest Plus, our technicians are trained in a thorough, consistent, and efficient process in cockroach elimination. Utilizing industry leading products and strategies, we work with both homeowners and business owners to customer tailor each control approach. Give Pest Plus a call so we can make cockroaches a thing of the past! 

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