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Boxelder Bugs

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Boxelder Bugs: Native to the western United States, boxelder bugs have become increasingly prevalent over the years. They get their name from commonly infesting boxelder trees. Characteristics of a boxelder bug is its black body with orange/red markings along their backs. They can range in size and at adult stage are approximately ½ inch in length. Early stage boxelder bugs will be small but look similar to adults with the absence of wings. 


Signs of an infestation that threatens structures usually starts with seeing large amounts of these pests on the sides of homes, sheds, and outbuildings. The heaviest pressure is typically on the south and west sides of the buildings. Their main goal is to find the warmest parts of a structure. Overwintering occurs in structures and a sign of an interior infestation is large amounts being seen inside the home, especially when seen during the winter as during winter months boxelder bugs do not survive freezing temperatures unless they live at a source of warmth. 


Looking to get rid of your boxelder bug infestation? As with many pests, the first line of defense is a good perimeter. Caulking gaps in window moldings, ensuring door sweeps are in good working order, and caulking gaps around molding and exterior walls can all provide relief. The DIY approach of utilizing dish soap and water and applying directly to clusters on the exterior of the home has shown some results. Unfortunately this only provides temporary relief as no repellent characteristics will keep back the thousands more in nearby trees. If you’re looking for longer lasting results, give us a call at Pest Plus. Our pest management professionals apply in an effective and safe manner to give you a pest free home.

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