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Hungry Squirrel Eating Nuts on Fence


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Wildlife: Portland and surrounding areas are abundant with both daytime and night time wildlife. As urban farming and secondary food sources increase, so does the population. Examples of species we typically encounter and assist customer with include:






Unfortunately, when they enter your home they can damage crawlspaces, attics, garages, and in extreme cases, living areas. Once inside, they tend to be very persistent and do not like to leave. Typically wildlife will access your home by breaching foundation vents, attic vents chimneys and roof junctions. In the spring and fall, a building can be utilized as a nesting site for animals to have offspring. They also will take up residency under low decks, and sheds that provide cover. Symptoms of wildlife are large dug out areas leading to under decks or sheds, as well as foundation vents that the screening has been completely removed/ripped off of. Racoons and squirrels are also known to rip and gnaw at siding and roofing of homes. This allows them access to attics and crawlspaces more easily. 


Things you can do to prevent wildlife from entering home includes removing outside pet dishes or other food sources at night, cutting back vegetation, and making sure your vents and other entry points are secure. Rodents are another attractant as they act as a food source, so removing any attractions for rodents can play a major role as well.

Do you have a wildlife issue or need peace of mind? Our technicians are state and nationally certified and can quickly identify the problem as well as offer a solution to your wildlife issue.

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