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Pest Control Services

Full Service Pest Management

Here at Pest Plus we offer a full array of pest control services. We not only take care of the pests that are troubling you, we also offer rehab services associated with damages that your home has incurred due to pests. Finding the root cause of a pest problem is only the first step in alleviating the stress associated with dealing with pests. Dealing with several contractors to fix a problem can be a headache. Not to worry, we cover the job from start to finish!

Ant Treatment

Spider Treatment

Stinging Insect Treatment

Rodent Control

Wildlife Control

Boxelder Bug Treatment

Bird Control

Bat Control


Restoration & Clean-Outs

Solar Panel Exclusion

Don't See the Service You're Looking for?

These are just a small selection of services we offer. Give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will create a custom solution for your pest problem.

Want to Learn More About Your Pest?

Visit our Pest Index to learn more about common household pests!

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