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Ants: In the Pacific Northwest, many ant species thrive due to our higher humidity. Some common examples are the:

-Odorous House Ant

-Pavement Ant

-Moisture Ant

-Velvety Tree Ant

-Carpenter Ant


All of these species are masters of survival, and can range in colony size from a few hundred to a million or more! Although some may see them as harmless outside, once in your home, they can begin to contaminate food sources, pet food, and water bowls and the colony continues to increase in size. Some, like the Carpenter Ant, are actually a wood destroying ant that over time can cause significant damage to a home. 


Preventative Steps: If there is no ant presence yet, there are some useful things you can do to prevent ants from coming into your home. Caulking small gaps around baseboards and window moldings, keeping rooms free of standing water, and keeping food in secure containers are all things that can help keep ants from becoming your new roommate. Around the exterior of the home, keeping bushes and vegetation cut back away from the structure, and keeping a clean pathway around the home free of stored items or firewood are all helpful in the first place. 


Looking to find out how to get rid of your ant issue? If ants have already invaded your home, it may be tempting to grab a can of ant killer from the local store, however, this can make the problem much worse as the queen is nowhere near the worker ants. If you’re losing the battle with ants in your home, give Pest Plus a call today! Our expert technicians will evaluate the problem areas, develop a treatment strategy that is safe for both pets and people, and make your pest problems a past problem!

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