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Fleas: Fleas and pets are commonly associated with each other. They can also end up in homes without any pets at all though through translocating on clothing. Some common signs of fleas in your home may be a pets persistent itching or biting at areas on their bodies, small black specs in carpeting, and small bites on legs and ankles of people can also occur. 


To help prevent fleas in your home, always keep pets on a prescribed flea medication. Vacuuming carpets and hard surfaces will also help ensure none are accidently brought into your home and are able to hibernate in flooring surfaces. Regularly washing of bedding materials, blankets, and cleaning of upholstery further lessens the chance that fleas are accidentally introduced to your home.  


Effective Flea Treatment Solution: There may be hope for a natural approach to flea management if they’ve already entered the building. Vacuuming regularly every other day for a period of 21 days to stimulate and suck up early stage fleas, getting updated flea medications for pets, and staying diligent may yield sufficient results if caught early on. However, if the problem is more severe or if DIY approaches are unsuccessful, give us a call at Pest Plus. We have the treatment strategies available to keep your home, people, and pets safe and flea free. 

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