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Rodents: Oregon, and the Greater Portland Metropolitan area specifically, has a large rodent issue on our hands. Portland ranked in the top 30 worst cities in the nation for rodent issues and has for a period of time. The types we see most commonly are:

-Roof Rat

-Norway Rat

-House Mouse

-Field Mice


They infest crawlspaces, attics, garages, wall voids, piles of firewood, sheds, and sometimes they even begin to move into living areas of the homes. The roof rat is the acrobat of the group, smart, with very good mobility. The norway rat is the alpha apex rodent of the list and while not the strongest climber, they are still fairly skilled in making their way around. House mice and field mice alike are prolific due to their ability to grow in population rapidly. When mice pop up into a home’s living areas, it’s been an unknown issue for quite a time and either the population is growing past the confines of their original nesting area, or an apex predator such as a larger rodent or wildlife has moved in. Rodents cause substantial damage to insulation, ducting, and vapor barriers.


Some tips to stop rodents before they start is ensuring the exterior of your home is free of clutter and debris, keeping a clear walkway around the home. Blackberry bushes, chicken coops, vegetable gardens, and fruit trees are all highly conducive for rodents and should be limited or kept highly clean and clear of fallen food sources that rodents can call their own. Make sure there are no gaps around garage doors, man doors, and inspect foundation vents around your home for any sign of damage or breaches, and if some are open, it may already be a current interior issue. 


Do you think you may have a rodent issue or want to keep your home rodent free? While it may be tempting to go out and buy a couple traps and attempt to control a rodent issue on your own, rodents are very smart and in many cases they begin to outsmart the traps prior to true control. Furthermore, over the counter rodent poisons have shown less than effective results, and when applied improperly can be dangerous to both pets and wildlife. Let your rodent worries melt away with Pest Plus. Our expert technicians will come out to your home, identify the  rodent issue,  and inspect for entry points. We offer a start to finish solution to make your home or property rodent free. Give us a call for your rodent needs, and we will show you the difference with Pest Plus!

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